Failing starters usually provide you with some warning before they stop working. If you turn the key and hear a clicking sound instead of the engine turning over or had to turn the key several times before the auto starter engages, it is probably time to replace these bad starters with a new car starter from Advance Auto Parts. Read More

An auto starter draws a heavy electric current from the battery to spin a small gear wheel that engages with and spin’s the engine’s flywheel. The spinning flywheel sets the engine’s cylinders in motion so that the compression cycle can begin. Have you ever seen an old movie or photo where someone’s turning a crank by hand at the front of the vehicle? They’re turning a car starter, before the invention of electric car starters.
Car starters contains numerous parts, including springs, solenoids, and brushes that are subject to wear and a lot of stress. Eventually starters’ internal parts fail, and the auto starter has to be replaced with a new one. Advance Auto Parts carries a wide range of starters for many vehicles.