Water Pumps


Charged with the task of circulating water (actually a water and coolant mix) through your vehicle's radiator to be cooled and sent on through the engine, a water pump is a very vital component. Should it fail, your engine could quickly get damaged from the high heat. Water pumps usually give fair warning before they quit. Read More

The importance of maintaining proper engine operating temperature cannot be overstated. Should your engine severely overheat, major damage can result. Any of those various metal parts can expand, resulting in blown gaskets, a warped cylinder head (or heads) or even engine seizure. Should you notice your engine overheating, pull over quickly but safely, shut the engine off and open the hood to facilitate cooling off the engine.

Hopefully it won't come to that, as you'll usually see some warning signs before such a catastrophe happens. If you notice any leaks (typically a watery greenish fluid under the engine compartment), a low groaning noise from under the hood and/or higher than normal operating temperature, those are the signs that you'll want to quickly heed as the cause might be the water pump. With a wide array of attractively-priced, quality brand water pumps in stock, Advance Auto Parts is by your side, ready to help you keep your car running cool and happy.