Timing Belts

Timing belt replacement is important for avoiding expensive engine damage. If you hear a high-pitched sound – that classic timing belt noise – coming from under your hood, have difficulty starting up your car, or can actually see that your timing belt is damaged, it's time to replace timing belt. Read More

Heat is the biggest enemy of a timing belt. If you're operating a vehicle at high speed in a hot climate, time may be just as important a factor as mileage in the durability of the belt. Oil and antifreeze can also attack timing belt rubber. Improper belt tension during replacement is another reason for premature failure. Over-tightened timing belts run noisily and create additional heat.
A timing belt that breaks at highway speed can severely damage valves, pistons and cam shafts. Do not wait for this important belt to fail you, as it will be costly. Be sure to follow these instructions for changing a timing belt closely. Changing your own timing belt is an advanced mechanical procedure. If you are not familiar with these types of repairs, have your timing belt replaced by a professional. If you are, read these tips for timing belt replacement.
Read your repair manual first, then decide if you feel confident enough to change your own timing belt. Replacing a timing belt requires good mechanical skills and a full set of hand tools. Consider using a timing belt kit to make sure you have everything you need in one place.
Replace your timing belt at the manufacturer's recommended interval. If you operate your vehicle in an extremely hot climate, replace the belt sooner than recommended.
Make sure no liquids such as oil or coolant are leaking onto the belt as that will cause deterioration. Fix all leaks before replacing the timing belt.
If your vehicle has a belt tensioner, it is a good idea to replace it at the same time you replace the timing belt. Consider replacing water pumps that are timing belt driven or trapped behind the belt.
Many headaches can be avoided by replacing the timing belt tensioner with every timing belt job. Also consider replacing water pumps that are trapped behind the timing belt. Advance Auto Parts is your best source for timing belts, water pumps, and other quality auto parts.