3 Easy Ways to Manage Your Perks Bucks

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Welcome to Speed Perks! We're happy you've joined our family. We think you will be, too, when you see how easy it is to stay on top of your Perks Bucks rewards.

Speed Perks Dashboard

What is it?

Your dashboard is your personal portal to your Speed Perks account. You can view your membership level, points, and rewards. Can't remember what that Little Tree scent was that you loved? You can also look up your in-store and online order history. Oh, and don't forget to check in for exciting offers exclusively available for Speed Perks members like you.

Where is it?

First, go to Advance Auto Parts. Then, on your mobile:

  • From the pulldown menu under Speed Perks, select Rewards
  • Log in to your account
  • You'll be taken to your dashboard.

And on your desktop:

  • Click on Speed Perks, just below the search bar
  • Select My Dashboard in the dropdown menu
  • Sign in to your account.
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Access Your Rewards

You may be wondering how to view and claim your Perks Bucks. It's easy! Once you've earned rewards, keep an eye on your inbox because we'll be sending you an email.* In that email, you'll see that you have three ways to access your rewards:

*Thank you for allowing us up to three business days to process points.

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Order online, redeem online. It's easy!

1. Mobile

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Not everyone has embraced the mobile wallet yet, but now is the perfect time for you to take that technological plunge. If you're thinking “mobile wall-what?", we're talking about a feature in your mobile phone that allows you to link your credit card, save coupons, and – that's right! – store your Speed Perks Bucks. In your rewards email, you'll see Apple and Google pay icons to get started.

2. Online

The next time you shop online, before checking out, select Speed Perks in the dropdown menu. You'll be able to apply your rewards immediately.

3. Email

Print your email and bring it with you to your local Advance for a team member to scan at checkout.

Get Help Fast

Need some assistance? We're here for you. Text SPEED to SPEED (77333) to do things like:

  • Look up your points
  • Look up your rewards
  • Sign up to receive Perks Bucks via SMS
  • View and update your contact information
  • See your goals to reach the next membership level

Looking to Level Up?

It's a universal truth that our vehicles will need maintenance and repair. We may not like it, but at least as a part of our Speed Perks family you know taking care of your vehicle means we're taking care of you. And remember, the more you spend the more you save. Get started on those maintenance projects you've been putting off and keep earning those rewards!

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Last updated March 11, 2020