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Premium Drive Train Engine Assembly

# L45498M6P
Part # L45498M6P
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Part No. L45498M6P
(PDT) Premium Drivetrain Engines are remanufactured to original equipment (OEM) demanding specifications by an OEM builder. Each engine assembly is manufactured with the highest technology equipment, the most intelligent engineering support, and the best practices available in remanufacturing today.

Product Features:
  • REMANUFACTURING and QUALITY CHECKS - ENGINE BLOCKS: Each block is magnafluxed for cracks and checked for any visible damage to the block or threaded holes before being repainted to the original color. Five CNC machining centers are programmed to precise specifications that meet or exceed those established by the OEM for each engine block. After the engine block is bored, decked, and chamfered, each cylinder is honed with the specified OEM cross-hatch pattern. 100% gauging of all cylinder bores for diameter and roundness after final honing operation. 100% new pistons, rings and bearings are installed in every engine.
  • CYLINDER HEADS: Every head is resurfaced and completely inspected for any visible damage or cracks to the casting or threaded holes. Any heads that have cracks in the combustion chamber are immediately scrapped, no weld repairs. Valve seats are machined, inspected and replaced if necessary. Valve guides are inspected with an air gauge and replaced if necessary. The cam bore is air gauge checked on overhead cam engines and machined if required. 100% new valves, seals and lifters are used in every head. All head and valve assemblies are quantified for leakage using a vacuum decay process.
  • CONNECTING RODS: Each connecting rod is measured against OEM specifications for bend, twist, and center-to-center length before use. The piston pin bore and bearing bore are measured with air gauges for proper dimensions. New torque to yield rod bolts and nuts are installed.
  • CRANKSHAFTS: Crankshafts are machined on a fully automated CNC crank grinder. This enables consistency and critical tolerances for each journal. All oil galley holes are chamfered and brushed after machining and the crankshaft is given a final wash to ensure cleanliness. Each crank is inspected for cracks, bow and all applicable run-out specs for rod and main journals.
  • DYNAMIC ENGINE TESTING: Sims Testing - All engines are cold motored and checked and measured for proper torque to turn, cylinder compression, oil flow, oil pressure as well as monitored for any unusual noises inside the assembly. All engine assemblies quantified for oil gallery, gasket, and casting leakage in the oil passageways.
  • Product might not be available in all states due to local laws.
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