Wash and Detail like the pros.

Step 1 : Wash and Dry

Washing your car the right way is easy to do, especially with these products and a little know-how.
Wash and Wax

Medium level of cleaning suds with excellent lubricity and wax properties for UV protection and gloss shine. Will not strip wax.

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High amount of cleaning suds and good lubricity to clean off surface contaminants. Will not strip wax.

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Pro Tip:

Use two buckets, rinsing with one and keeping clean suds in the other, plus use a premium wash mitt, washing tool, and drying towel for best best results. Do not use dish soap, as it will strip wax.

Washing like the pros

Get car washing tips from the experts.

Step 2: Surface Prep

Before waxing your car, use a clay bar or rubbing compound to remove stubborn dirt, contaminants or swirls. This will make the surface smoother, allowing for optimized car waxing.
Clay Bars

Traditional clay bars must be replaced if dropped and have a limited life span. Synthetic clay bars can be reused if dropped and have 4X longer lifespan.

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Rubbing Compound

Use a rubbing compound and/or paint cleaner to remove clear-coat swirls, stains, oxidation and scratches.

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Pro Tip:

Use a spray detailer when cleaning with a clay bar to protect your vehicle's paint finish.

Clay Bar 101

Learn how to use a clay bar.

Step 3: Wax and Shine

Learning how to wax your vehicle is easy, especially when you've got the right products. Waxing your vehicle regularly is key to maintaining its finish and luster for years to come.
Synthetic and Carnauba Wax

Synthetic wax provides the same shine and protection of a conventional carnauba wax, plus UV protection and longer lasting results.

Carnauba wax is naturally organic and blended with other elements for better application and surface enhancement.

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Spray Wax and Detailers

Spray wax enhances base wax shine and protection. Spray detailers are great for regular maintenance between base waxes.

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Pro Tip:

Best results can be acheived when working in the shade and on a cool surface.

Wax and Detail

Learn waxing techniques from the pros.

Step 4: Wheel and Tire Cleaner

Keeping your wheels and tires looking slick can radically alter your vehicle's overall appearance.
Wheel Cleaner

Clean up brake dust and get your wheels shining. Pick the right cleaner type for your wheels: chrome, aluminum, or use an all-wheel cleaner if unsure.

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Tire Care

Whether you want high tire shine or long-lasting tire conditioning, we've got you covered.

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Pro Tip:

Use a brush to clean between wheel spokes and loosen brake dust.

The Right Wheel cleaner for the job

All Wheel Cleaner
All Wheel Cleaners have excellent cleaning capabilities without the aggressive acidity levels of chrome cleaners.
Chrome Wheel Cleaner
Chrome wheel cleaners are the most acidic and penetrate dirt/grime at the deepest level. Will damage or cause corrosion to non-chrome wheels.
Aluminum Wheel Cleaner
Aluminum wheel cleaners have the least acidic and corrosive formulations. Safest to use if the wheel composition is not known.

Wheel Clean and Shine

Get pro tips on cleaning your wheels and tires.

Step 5: Interior Care

Now that your vehicle's exterior looks new and shiny, it's time to take a look at what's happening inside.

Pick high shine, medium shine, or natural shine protectants to shield your dashboard and interior panels from harmful UV rays.

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Leather Care

Use a cleaner/conditioner for a one-step leather treatment. Leather cleaners give a deeper clean and nutrient replenishment, while leather conditioners provide lubrication to prevent cracking.

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Carpet and Upholstery

Remove stains and odors from floor carpets and carpet upholstery surfaces with these cleaners.

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Pro Tip:

When using a new product, test in an out-of-sight area before applying to your full interior.

Interior Detailing

Keep the inside of your vehicle as fresh as the outside.

Do It Yourself and See the Savings

Headlight Restoration Kits

Over time, the plastic lens casing around your headlight can get cloudy and diminish your visibility.
These kits have everything you need to restore your headlights quick and easy.

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