A/C Compressors Limited Lifetime Warranty

Thank you for the purchase of your A/C compressor from Advance Auto Parts. When properly installed, we trust you will get excellent service from this unit. In order for your warranty to be valid, you must follow the installation instructions carefully. Failure to follow those instructions may void your warranty and greatly increase the possibility of failure of your compressor.
  1. With every compressor replacement, the system must be flushed thoroughly with the proper flush solvent or provide a receipt showing it was professionally done.
  2. Also, the receiver dryer or accumulator must be replaced.
  3. If your vehicle is equipped with an orifice tube, you must replace it as well.
  4. Vehicles equipped with expansion valves require that they be checked and cleaned if necessary, they do not have to be replaced to validate the warranty.
  5. Once the system is flushed, and the new parts are installed, the system should then be evacuated, then recharged with the proper amount of refrigerant and oil. Please retain all receipts for this repair.
All these things are covered in your installation instructions.
Remanufactured compressors are warranted for a period of 1 year from original purchase date provided the required parts are replaced, orifice tube and receiver dryer or accumulator.
If you should encounter problems with your compressor, please contact Customer Care and someone will assist you with the replacement. Please have your Proof of Purchase available when contacting our service center.