Price Matching Policy

Store Price Matching

If our online price is higher than your local Advance Auto Parts store’s price, your payment will be automatically reduced upon picking up your order in store. If you choose to have your order shipped, contact Customer Care and we will adjust your order to match your local store pricing.

If our online price is lower than your local Advance Auto Parts store’s price, complete your order online to receive the lower price, or bring a printout of the online price to your local store and a store associate will match the price.

Competitor Price Matching

If you see the exact same item you need advertised for a lower price at any of our competitors, either before the time of purchase or within 30 days after, simply contact Customer Care.

We will be happy to match the competitor’s price upon confirming it through a published or online advertisement. “Exact same item” refers to merchandise of the same brand, part number, and warranty. “Lower price” refers to the competitors advertised price of the item plus any applicable shipping and handling charges as compared to the Advance Auto Parts price plus any applicable shipping and handling charges.

Price-match discounts cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions or coupons.

Competitor price matching does not apply to GPS units and
does not extend to the following:

  • Competitor coupons

  • Competitor clearance prices

  • Specially priced items offered by competitors

  • Wholesale or otherwise tax-exempt prices

  • Members-only club pricing

  • Internet auction websites (such as eBay)

  • Non-professional websites