Battery care is even more important during the Summer

During summer travel, hot weather can be intense and rough on your car battery.
But with proper care and commitment to your car's maintenance schedule,
you can help increase its life and longevity.

Put it in place the right way

Get summer travel off to a good start by ensuring that your vehicle's battery is correctly installed and properly braced. By doing so, you will lessen the possibility of the battery enduring heavy vibrations, which can and will shorten battery life.

Summer Battery

Stay Clean

See to it that all battery-terminal connections are completely clean and entirely free from corrosion. If not, reach for a brush-style post cleaner to help you remove the build-up you see on the battery terminals.

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Make the right connections

Look carefully to ensure that all battery terminal cable connections are in top shape. Do they look worn or are starting to show signs of corrosion? As a safe driving tip, we recommend that you replace them immediately.

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A little dab will do just fine

Once cleaned off, the battery's terminals should receive a thin application of Battery Terminal Grease to promote better electrical connectivity.

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Keep corrosion from coming back

Employ felt Battery Terminal Washers to help absorb the seepage of battery acid, which in turn will help cut down on corrosion caused by the acid.

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A final layer of protection

Reach for Battery Terminal Protectant to help keep battery terminals clean while preventing any future corrosion.

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Determining battery wear

Check out this video for ways to test your battery for signs of wear:

Need a new battery?

We offer many options for all types of vehicles — from cars to motorcycles, ATVs to lawnmowers, and much more.

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Other tools to have on hand as you change your battery:

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Summer Battery

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