Change your own spark plug wires and save money!

Many people have spent hundreds of dollars with a mechanic trying to diagnose an engine performance or fuel mileage problem, only to learn that the culprit was bad spark plug wires.

Today’s high under hood temperatures are tough on spark plug wire insulation and the high-output ignitions found on newer vehicles have little tolerance for bad wires. Spark energy will take the path of least resistance and arc to whatever metal object is closest. Wires simply wear out, and a new set of wires may make a huge difference in how your vehicle performs.

Advance Auto Parts has a complete line of spark plug wires custom fit for your application.

Warning signs that your spark plug wires may need to be replaced:

Hard starting. An erratic idle. Hesitation. Bad fuel mileage. These are all signs that your wires may be worn out and in need of replacement. Wires are a "wear item," meaning that they wear out over time and need to be replaced, just like tires and brake pads.

Many engine problems can be easily fixed by an affordable set of spark wires, available at Advance Auto Parts – along with a full line of other quality auto parts.

What you will need to change a spark plug wire:

  • New spark plug wire
  • Repair manual
  • Dielectric gel
  • Boot removal tool
  • Rags
  • Masking tape/marker

Do-it-yourself difficulty guide for changing a spark plug wire:

Estimated time required - 1 hour

Change your own spark plug wires and save. Here’s how to do it:

Spark wires are easy to change, and with the custom-fit wire kits available from Advance Auto Parts, it's even easier. The best part is that no major tools are required!

  1. Inspect the old wires by looking for cuts or burn marks. Remove the wire from the plug and roll it around your finger to examine it for cracks. Even in the absence of these signs, they may still be worn out internally.
  2. Advance Auto Parts has new wire kits that are designed just for your vehicle. The wire ends are already installed, so you don't have to cut anything.
  3. Some spark plug wire kits have numbers on each wire. If not, match the old and new wires based on length. Make sure to replace only one wire at a time.
  4. Remove the old wires by grasping the end boot and pulling it off the distributor.
  5. Do the same thing on the spark plug end of the wire. Use a spark plug boot removal tool for best results, and reduce your chances of breaking the plug tip.
  6. Use a fingertip of dielectric grease inside the boot of the new wire. Install the new wire by pushing it into place. You should feel a noticeable "click" or similar connection.
  7. Make sure that the wire is not touching anything that can harm it, such as a fan belt or a hot part of the exhaust system.

A new ignition coil wire is also a part of a new wire kit. It is replaced the same as the plug wires. Again, use dielectric grease at both ends of the new coil wire.

Need high quality auto parts? Come to Advance Auto Parts for all your vehicle maintenance jobs.