Windshield Wiper Blades


Until you turn them on in a sudden rainstorm, your windshield wiper blades are probably not top of mind. Advance Auto Part offers the best selection of windshield wiper blades to increase your vision and safety. Read More

Most of us have experienced it; you're driving along when the sky opens up and suddenly it's raining cats and dogs. Flick on the wipers and the worn out wiper blades either just smear the water or leave large areas unwiped, seriously impeding your vision. Or perhaps you live where snow and freezing rain have clogged up your blades, rendering them as effective as wooden rulers as they skip across the windshield. We suggest checking your blades every six months. We'd go with April 1, an easy to remember date and also the end of the winter season, and October 1, so that you're well prepared for the upcoming rainy and possibly snowy season.

Whether you live in the snowbelt areas of the country and need heavy-duty, fully encased wiper blades that won't clog up or you dwell in the balmy, sunny areas where brief but intense rain showers often hit, a fully functional set of windshield wiper blades is essential for safe traveling. Advance Auto Parts offers top brands for windshield wiper blade replacement, including Bosch, Denso, Rain X, and Trico.

Increase visibility in all weather conditions! Windshield wipers that best fit your vehicle. Learn More.