Power Steering Pumps


Failing power steering pumps are no fun unless you like the idea of an unexpected arm workout, especially while trying to park. Should you need to replace yours, Advance Auto Parts is ready to help with a wide selection of quality power steering pumps. Read More

Providing power assistance so that turning your car's wheels is not an arm-numbing chore is why power steering came about back in the 1950s. Some cars feature variable assist which provides more power assist at low speeds, to make parking easier, and less assist at higher speeds, so as to provide more road feel. When a power steering pump is going out, it is typically indicated via intermittent assist. The driver will sometimes feel the power assist "go away" and the wheel become stiffer and noticeably harder to turn when that happens. Although the car can still be steered, it is much tougher and slower. Another sign is power steering pump noise, best described as squealing and especially noticeable while making sharper turns and when driving in colder weather.

When it's time to replace your vehicle's power steering pump, look to Advance Auto Parts for a wide range of top brands including Cardone, Maval, and ZF.