Fuel Pumps


Whether it's an economy car or a sports machine, the fuel pumps that feed their engines are as vital as a heart is to humans. With a wide array of quality fuel pumps available, Advance Auto Parts is ready to get your car back in perfect health. Read More

Supplying a steady and consistent supply of fuel to the engine's injectors or carburetor is the fuel pump's job. A fuel pump that's on its way out usually gives you a sign or two before quitting altogether. Intermittent rough running while cruising along at a steady speed on the highway, and/or an unexplainable increase in fuel consumption are two of the more typical indications of a failing fuel pump. Taking heed of these warnings and replacing the faulty fuel pump before it ultimately stops feeding your engine can prevent you from being stranded on the roadside.

If you're looking for quality fuel pumps for sale, Advance Auto Parts has you covered with a wide selection of top brands such as ACDelco, Bosch, Delphi and Holley.