Catalytic Converter


While catalytic converters will often last the life of a vehicle, they occasionally will fail. The best thing you can do is be alert for signs of trouble, such as: reduced fuel efficiency, lack of acceleration when you step on the gas pedal, difficulty starting, emissions test failure, or the dreaded "Check Engine" light. Read More

Or, maybe you're looking to improve engine horsepower and harmonics. Without going broke, your first consideration could be to replace the stock car exhaust system with a performance exhaust system (the muffler and catalytic converter). Using a high-flow catalytic converter or a performance catalytic converter can improve your horsepower. But to avoid fines and possible impoundment, you have to have catalytic converter in place.

Whatever the issue, remember that it's illegal in most states to operate a vehicle without a catalytic converter. Check out the options for quality catalytic converters today and save!