Brake Calipers


For your safety and the safety of others, it's critically important that each brake caliper on a disc brake system, is maintained regularly and working properly. Whether you have fixed or floating brake calipers, Advance Auto Parts has a wide range or brake calipers to fit most cars, trucks and SUVs. Read More

Dirt or dust can cause a floating brake caliper to stick. When this occurs, the brake pad can't retract fully from the rotor. This leads to increased friction and wear, and braking action even when you aren't applying the brakes. Many experts recommend replacing brake calipers in the 75,000-mile range or about every seven years. This replacement interval is because the brake caliper ages, and as it does, the odds of it failing increase.

When examining your brake pads, a difference in wear patterns between the inboard and outboard brake pad on one wheel could indicate a brake caliper that's sticking. If you feel your brakes pulling to one side, it could be because of a malfunctioning brake caliper. Get the help you need for your brake calipers replacement job from Advance Auto Parts.