Axle Shafts


Transferring the power from your car's engine and transmission to the wheels, axle shafts, also called CV axle shafts, play an important role. The CV joints can wear out, usually after a torn, previously protective boot allows dirt into the joint. This is typically indicated via certain noises such as clicking or grinding. Read More

Given that these axles must be able to move up and down with the wheels as well as allowing them to turn (in a front-wheel-drive car), a joint that allows this multi-directional movement is fitted. Called a constant velocity (CV) joint, it is found at both ends of the half shafts – the inner joint connects the transmission output to the shaft, while the outer joint connects the shaft to the drive wheels. A rubber boot filled with grease covers the joints to lubricate and protect them from dirt and water.

Once the boot (usually at the outer, more stressed end) gets torn open from damage or wearing out, the joint is exposed. After a while, the now non-lubricated and unprotected joint expresses its damage usually via clicking and popping noises heard while turning the wheels, especially at lower speeds such as while parking. Regardless of which car you drive, chances are Advance Auto Parts has the quality axle shaft your car needs when it's time for axle shaft replacement.