Paint & Body Repair


With a little patience, many minor auto body repair and touch-up paint jobs can be done in your own driveway. Advance Auto Parts is the place to buy car body paint – we have everything you need for do-it-yourself auto body dent repair and paint touch up. Read More

If you've noticed a scratch or small dent in your car's finish, it should be addressed before oxidization sets in. You'll be astounded by how quickly surface rust turns to body rot and how pricey it can be to repair. Most drivers can successfully repair minor body damage and rust if they are willing to put in a little time and effort.

The best advice is to tackle the small jobs first – like using touch-up paint for minor car scratches – then move on to the larger body repair jobs after you have practiced your body repair skills. Today, a variety of new products allow for easy and low-cost car paint scratch repair and auto paint kits, and some may be the perfect solution to your problem. Prompt car paint repair can restore appearance and reduce restoration expenses. There's no need to look for a specialty auto paint store – Advance Auto Parts offers all of the necessary auto paint accessories in a wide range of car paint colors.

This includes polishers, buffers and pads, as well as other necessities like touch-up sprays, touch-up liquids, masking film, tape, scratch removers, supplies and more.

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