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In Search of a Better Cost: What Is the Average Car Battery Price You Should Expect to Pay?

The average car battery price can differ based on a number of factors, including your location, the type of car battery you need and the type of car or vehicle you’re buying for. Expensive luxury cars, sports cars, trucks and SUVs typically require stronger, more expensive batteries (although that’s not always a rule), while motorcycles and small coupes will be less expensive to shop for. Also, it’s important to note the price differences based on technology differences and on whether or not you need additional services, or you’re fine with a DIY installation. Which battery is right for your vehicle.

Typical Price Related Factors to Consider

Industry experts will tell you that the average car battery price, depending on various factors, is between $90 and $200. Towing costs, testing and car battery installation services can increase the price, as can the purchase of batteries for expensive vehicles. A luxury car will typically require a special car battery, and a racing vehicle may need a high-performance battery that costs more than several hundred dollars. In addition, it just makes sense that a big V8 or diesel engine in a truck will take more current to start and will require a bigger, more expensive battery. Also, an important factor to consider is the brand you choose and the design of your new battery. While two batteries from two different manufacturers might both be lead-acid batteries, the cheaper, $50 versions will usually offer shorter warranty phase and service life, less performance and reliability than a medium-priced, $100 battery that features a newer, more efficient design.

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Are You Buying a Premium Quality Car Battery?

There are many types of premium quality car batteries for which the average car battery price is slightly higher than what you’d normally expect for a typical battery design. Models that offer more than 1,000 cranking amps will cost at least several hundred dollars, while weight and life expectancy is also an issue. Expect to pay, on average, more than $300 and sometimes up to $800-$900 for a super-lightweight car battery that also offers high performance. The best high performance batteries, which give you lithium-metal performance and 5-6 years of uninterrupted performance aren’t always highly expensive, but you can still expect to pay more than $150 even for the least expensive ones.

Car Battery Technology and Pricing Recommendations

The price for lead-acid batteries is stable at about $50 to $300 per unit, with the average price staying stable somewhere between $100 and $150. These prices aren’t too exaggerated, and you’ll usually find decent car battery designs even under about $120. For lithium technologies, you can expect a slightly higher price, with most of the best batteries being available for $200 to $400 on average.

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Car Battery Brands, Warranties and Service Offers

If you opt to just buy a battery with no questions asked, a typical, standard warranty and no need for replacement services, you can expect to come in below the average price, maybe well under $100. Also, some brands offer a better discount on their products, and some mechanics will help you out by installing your battery for you without asking for a lot of money. The only way to determine who can help you out and who can’t is to compare services and brand offers. To get a good discount, consider buying from the same company you typically rely on for repairs and regular service checkups. Also, avoid services such as towing or getting your battery replaced at a car dealership. In many cases, local auto parts stores and big box discount outlets will give you a favorable offer for the average car battery price on the market.

*Car battery testing and installation available on most automotive vehicles, at most locations, unless prohibited by law.

Last updated March 22, 2021