Why Gift Give From Advance Auto Parts

Wrapped gifts

The holidays are right around the corner, whether we're ready or not, and you've probably got relatives or friends who are difficult to buy for. Maybe a simple piece of jewelry? A special food item? Maybe just a nice card? If nothing seems quite right, think outside the box and shop for your friends and family at Advance Auto Parts.

Sure, you're thinking, what in the world can I buy from Advance that would actually make a good gift (other than gift cards of course)? Well, we're not going to sing you the whole list for each day until the holiday, but here are some great gift ideas that just happen to be useful, too.


Beginner DIYers and full-on experts have one thing in common: a need for tools. Advance has tools that meet all your automotive needs, including wrenches, ratchets, jacks, and more. The best thing about some of these tools and sets available is they can be used for other projects around the house, too. There are thousands of options available, so you're sure to find the right one.


This is definitely an out-of-the-box gift, mainly because it's in a bottle (dad joke ... sorry). Jokes aside, oil can make a great gift for the automotive DIYer in your life. Why would you pay someone to change your oil when you can do it yourself, right? In addition to the oil, check out the oil-change essentials Advance offers, like shop towels, funnels, drain pans, and more.

Wiper blades

One of the most common replacement items on any vehicle is wiper blades. Depending on where you live, the weather can take a particular toll on wipers. Advance offers some great wiper options for rain, snow, sleet, and more. Buy a couple of pairs of blades for your family and friends as a great, and certainly practical, gift. Don't forget the rear blades.


OK, we know this is a broad category. That just means there are more options. One of the coolest electronics, and most useful, is a camera. Advance sells a great variety of dash and backup cameras, as well as inspection cameras for under the hood.

Other awesome electronics gifts include car audio and video devices, cell phone accessories, and radar detectors. If you're thinking of gifting a radar detector, be sure to check your state's laws on usage.

Vehicle accessories

The list of available vehicle accessories is massive and will contain something for everyone on your list. This category includes:

  • Floor mats
  • Steering wheel and seat covers
  • License plate frames
  • Scents
  • Car covers
  • And more

Regardless of your giftees' interior tastes, remember that you can make a handy cleaning kit of appearance products, including wash and wax, touch-up paint, interior cleaners, and more.

Some car parts and accessories, like oil or wipers, are specific to vehicle makes and models. Advance makes it easy to add a vehicle online and shop for vehicle-specific products. You can also visit your local Advance Auto Parts, and a team member can help you. If all else fails and you're not sure what to buy, an Advance Auto Parts gift card is the perfect stocking or card stuffer.

Have more suggestions for auto parts and accessories that make great gifts? Leave them in the comments.

Last updated June 25, 2018