Gratitude and Giving Back to Our Communities

What a year it's been so far! When I was reflecting on 2019 and outlining my goals for 2020, I never imagined I'd be working from home, with my kids out of school, wondering what the next days' news would bring. It's challenging, but one of my 2020 New Year's resolutions was to express gratitude daily.

Daily Gratitude in Challenging Times

I am eternally grateful for our essential workers. The current situation has shed light on just how dependent we are on each other, especially if you live in a city and don't grow your own food. Here are some things that I depend on, and I'm sure that you can relate to many of these.

  • My garden is so small that I cannot even grow enough food to top off my salad.
  • Although I'm an online bill type of gal, I still have a few things sent to my mailbox. I have no idea how I would manage without the post office.
  • Sometimes I think I can self-diagnose using the internet, but every doctor I know has told me that this is a bad idea, and it's true. A search engine can't replace the years of experience and personal interaction I get from my health professionals, and I'm grateful for them.
  • When the battery dies in my 11-year-old Camry, I need it replaced quickly. I'm not trying to rideshare during a time of social distancing, especially with my kids in tow, so access to vehicle maintenance is imperative for me. Advance also supplies parts to many repair shops.

Advance Proudly Gives Back

At Advance, we are working to do our part. Our store employees are essential. Health care workers, grocery store employees, police, ambulance drivers... you name it, they rely on their vehicles to get to their jobs. We've been hearing a lot of great stories over the last few weeks of how Advance Auto Parts team members have been able to get other essential employees back on the road. We've also been able to give back in some communities by donating face masks and gloves. Our store support center even donated computers to youth in need so that they can continue to learn remotely.

Take a look at some of our team members in action:

advance donating computers

Advance donating approximately 500 computers to families in need in the Roanoke area to support virtual learning.

advance donating gloves

Advance donating gloves to a local sheriff's office in Georgia.

advance team member adding fluid

Advance team member adding fluid to a first responder vehicle.

essential customers

Store in Tampa, FL caring for another essential customer.

emergency room doctor needing a battery install

Emergency room doctor stopping into an Advance store in Puerto Rico, on her way to work, to have her battery replaced.

advance donating masks

750 medical masks being donated to a hospital in Florida.

So many good deeds continue and often fly under the radar. However, you can follow the Advance Facebook or LinkedIn pages if you would like to hear a few accounts of what we are doing to give back in our communities.

We're Here for You, too

If you need a part and you need it fast, we have many convenient options, including same day delivery in many markets, day pickup (in-store or curbside) or standard delivery. You can order your parts online or through our new mobile app, and our team members are standing by to help keep you on the road.

What have you been grateful for lately? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below.

Last updated May 6, 2020