DIYers Paradise: Garage Condos for the Ultimate Car Enthusiasts

 We recently sat down with Bruno Silikowski to talk about his pet project, the AutoMotorPlex in Chanhassen, Minnesota. What is the AutoMotorPlex, you ask? Picture the love child of a Lamborghini and an Airstream RV—but without the wheels. It's 146 units of dream garage and luxury condo in one. Silikowski filled us in on why this car-loving community has been so successful and talked about some of the incredible vehicles that call it home.

Silikowski has driven everything from Italian sports cars to a Volkswagen Beetle. But the one that captured his heart, the car that makes his eyes light up when he talks about it, is a 1974 Triumph TR6. He says he bought the car to train his kids to drive stick shift. But he loved it so much he kept it. “It's visceral," he says. “It's raw. There's nothing refined about it. It's just fun." Unlike his beloved TR6, Silikowski's AutoMotorPlex is more refined than raw, but it's still a heck of a lot of fun too. AutoMotorPlex aerial shot AutoMotorPlex Ferraris AutoMotorPlex garage AutoMotorPlex interior Want the full story? Stop over at the AutoMotorPlex website for a look at some of their jaw-dropping units and four-wheeled residents. Thanks to Christa Hogan, who collaborated on this article.
Last updated January 3, 2020