Advance Auto Parts Customer Profile: Joe Monopoli

Joe Monopoli Jr. is an electrical engineer by day and a mechanic by night. His passion for automotive work gives him time to enjoy working on his own vehicles, as well as helping others with theirs. “I spend my weekends here [in the garage] most of my evenings, and I get to have fun."

Joe's automotive skills range from small oil-change and brake jobs to more expert DIY jobs, like dropping a motor or replacing head gaskets. "Anything that needs to be done to a car gets done here," Joe told Advance. Thank to his expertise, he's now known as "that guy" among his friends and family—the go-to person for their automotive needs. When he's not working on other people's cars, he's working on one of his 13 cars or three motorcycles.

Joe goes to his local Advance Auto Parts to get all the parts he needs. "Having an Advance down the street and the plethora of parts they have available definitely makes maintaining all my vehicles beyond easy." Joe trusts the quick parts availability and turnaround from Advance to get the parts he needs, when he needs them.

Stay tuned for more Advance customer profiles, and be sure to visit your local Advance Auto Parts for all of your DIY automotive needs.

Last updated June 6, 2018