3 Tire-Squealing, Smoke-Producing Car Maneuvers

Cars are built for fun and functionality. Whether you're headed off-road on a trail ride or goofing around on your property, you've likely engaged in some playful, yet controlled, maneuvers. Next time you're ready to spin those tires, try one of these adrenaline pumping moves.

Safety Note: Don't perform these techniques on a public roadway or in areas with moving traffic. Safety precautions, including the use of seat belts and ample sight distance, should always be observed. Also ensure that you have the proper permissions from lot owners before attempting any maneuver.


1. Daring doughnuts

Also known as cookies, this maneuver is usually performed on flat snow and ice-covered parking areas with a concrete surface. While driving slowly, quickly turn the steering wheel to one side and allow the vehicle to start spinning in tight circles. Avoid pumping the brakes and straightening the wheel until you're ready to come out of the spin.

This playful move is also a controlled driving test to teach first-time winter drivers what it feels like to lose control on slippery roadways and practice correcting the vehicle.

Doughnuts can also be performed on clear, open concrete surfaces. Keep your foot on the gas during the spin and get ready for a smoke cloud! This is a good move to bid adieu to old tires before investing in a new set.

2. Blazing Burnouts

If you've ever sat in your driveway and revved the engine, hoping to leave some tire tracks behind, try a burnout. In a clear area, away from roadways, apply pressure to both the gas and brake pedals at the same time. Your back tires will spin, the car may fishtail, and you'll create a cloud of smoke.

After you drive forward, you'll see tire tracks left behind on the pavement. This is a good move to try before replacing worn brake pads. Auto clubs and motor-sports arenas often feature burnout competitions to see who can create the biggest smoke cloud, longest tire tracks, and coolest overall performance!

3. Perfect Power Slides

Want to show off your stellar control at high speeds on your local closed track? Experiment with power slides and drifting. After accelerating along a straightaway, go into the curve with your foot on the accelerator. The rear of the vehicle will swing out, into the curve, before correcting and moving into the upcoming straightway.

This maneuver takes ample practice and should first be performed with the guidance of someone who has already mastered the move. Pros can make the car appear to float around corners, making it an incredibly impressive display of skilled driving.

So what's your favorite way to spin your tires? Tell us about your signature tire-squealing car maneuvers in the comments below.

Last updated June 6, 2018