Car Detailing Tips

Everyone's busy, and it's hard to find time to keep a car clean. But then the next thing you know, six months or a year have gone by and you're driving around in a rolling dumpster. Here are some car detailing tips for making that vehicle a little more pleasant, without having to turn it over to a professional detailer.

Carpet Stains

It's a good idea to pre-treat any stubborn spots in the carpeting with a spot remover and attack them with a scrub brush, but in most cases it's not really necessary to use a shampoo and cleaning solution. Any cleaning chemical is going to remain in the carpet fibers, where it can attract more dirt in the long run. Try just using the hot water extractor and vacuum afterward. Remember to leave the doors open, perhaps all afternoon, since this can take a long time to dry out.NOTE: the floor mats are a different story, but they're also removable for a good thorough cleaning.

Compacted Carpet

Carpeting tends to get compacted and flattened out over time. Going over the carpets with a stiff scrub brush before vacuuming can help loosen dirt, fluff, and agitate the carpet fibers, and generally enhance your vacuuming.

Pet Hairs Stuck in Carpet

Pet hairs in carpeting are difficult to vacuum out. A pumice stone dragged over the carpet in long strokes can dislodge and remove these hairs a lot faster than a vacuum can.

Under the Seats

You probably already know to move the seats as far up and as far back in their travel as you can, cleaning underneath them in each position. Don't forget, though, to use a disposable towel and clean the seat's tracks as well.

Don't Forget to Get into the Small Places

Remember to do a good vacuum and cleaning in the gap between the seats and the center console, as well as in the cup holders, map pockets, any storage cubbies, and any compartments in a minivan or SUV.

Window Haze

Don't use a circular motion when cleaning the inside of the windows. Car windows tend to build up a chemical film on the inside and may require several cleanings with a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner. Instead of a circular motion, go vertically, then horizontally the next time.There are, of course, a lot more tips and trade secrets that professional detailers use for a really deep, thorough detailing job. These are just a few shortcuts car detailing tips you can use to make your car or truck a lot nicer to drive!

Last updated December 4, 2019