Car Cleaning Hacks

Nobody looks forward to cleaning, but it's gotta get done. To help minimize the pain, we've got some car cleaning hacks to make it a little easier to detail your car (and keep it pristine).

  • Cup holders get nasty—it just goes with the territory. Put an old sweat sock over the bottom of a travel mug, saturate it with Sprayway glass cleaner, and use this as a tool to break loose the worst of that germ-laden grime.
  • Detail brushes and microfiber cloths are excellent tools for removing grime and dirt from tight areas, cracks, and crevices.
  • Do you have stubborn black marks on your door panels? Goo Gone is a great product for removing smudges and dirt from door panels and dashboards—or anywhere else, for that matter. 
  • WD-40 has an amazing number of functions, including getting rid of the gummy residue from bumper stickers.
  • Got bugs on your bumper and grill that won't come off? These products are great for tackling your 'bugs on the bumper' problem: AutoCraft microfiber bug scrubber, Turtle Wax bug & tar remover and Turtlewax Zip Wax Car Wash.
  • Pet hair on upholstery? Use the rubber blade of a squeegee. Stains on upholstery? We've got you covered with these products.
  • Headlight lenses will oxidize over time, cutting your headlights' effectiveness. To take off that oxidized layer, try a headlight restoration kit.

Did this give you some good ideas? Try them and see how well they work!

Last updated December 4, 2019