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How Much Does a Car Battery Cost and What Influences the Price?

When considering the car battery cost that you’d normally run into, there are many important considerations to keep in mind. What is the brand name associated with the battery? What size engine do you have, and what size battery do you need? Will you require a battery replacement and maintenance service? These are just some of the many questions you should look into before choosing a specific battery or battery replacement service. We will explore more of the various factors and questions relating to this topic below. Learn which battery is right for your vehicle.

Typical Factors That Determine Battery Cost

When replacing your car battery, cost can be a significant issue to take into account. Your battery might fail at an inopportune time (is there ever any other time?), when it would be hard to scrap together enough funds to replace it at a short notice. So it’s important to know in advance all the factors that might contribute to a higher cost and the actual price you will have to pay at the end of the day. The main factors can include the type and size of your required battery, whether or not you need a mechanic to install it for you, and whether or not you might need to buy a more resilient and expensive battery for good operation in extreme cold.

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Size and Cost Considerations

It’s no surprise that a bigger engine needs a bigger battery to turn it over. Depending on the size of your car battery, cost can also differ greatly. Size directly correlates to the Amp Hour rating of your battery, so that a larger battery will usually provide your car with more amps of electrical current per hour. A larger battery will also require a larger amount of material for its manufacturing process, so it stands to reason that the price of the finished product will be higher. The most commonly used battery sizes are 24, 65 and 75. Depending on the brand, warranty and various other details, the cost of these sizes will be somewhere between $50 and $90.

Typical Brands of Car Batteries to Consider

A major issue of car battery cost is deciding which car battery brand to purchase. Depending on the brand, battery manufacturing can differ to a great extent. Some manufacturers might use premium materials and offer higher quality batteries that last longer and ensure a greater amount of stable current. These will typically be more expensive. On the higher end, the best battery manufacturers will charge anything from $120 to $250 for their batteries. However, most of the commonly chosen brands only charge $50 to $70 per battery, while the most affordable batteries on the market – created by the cheapest brands – will only cost $40 to $50 on average. Popular battery accessories: AutoCraft Jumper Cables 12'.

Do You Also Need a Car Battery Replacement Service?

The car battery cost depends a great deal on whether or not you want to hire a professional mechanic to install the new battery for you. Space is at a premium under the hoods of many new vehicles, and sometimes the battery is not very easy to access. If that’s the case – or if you’re just not real handy and you need to bet back on the road quickly -- you might want to avoid replacing the battery yourself. If that is the case, a car battery replacement service might cost you somewhere between $50 and $100, with most companies charging about $70 to get your battery installed properly. At Advance Auto Parts, if you purchase a battery in our store, in most cases we can install it for free. 

Reserve Capacity and Your Battery’s Price Tag

Reserve capacity represents the time required by a car battery to fully discharge under specific conditions – such as a given charge and a temperature of 80 degrees. Since most batteries are sold according to the make and model of the vehicle you own, it may be possible to get a slightly larger battery with higher reserve capacity that will cost about the same as the smaller, standard unit. Reserve capacity and cold cranking amps are an important consideration if you live in a cold climate, as a battery can only deliver about 40 percent of its cranking power when the temperatures are below freezing. However, you have to make sure the battery fits properly before you buy it. Additionally, it may also be possible to buy batteries with “universal” mounts that can fit about 75% of all cars. The car battery cost in this case will be greater, so you have to think about whether this is the right course of action for you.

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Last updated July 3, 2020