Lucas Oil: Must-Have Products for Drivers

Established by trucker Forrest Lucas in 1989, Lucas Oil has introduced innovative lubricants, gear oils, additives, and fuel products that quickly caught on for racing, industrial, agricultural, trucking, high-performance, and everyday use. Here are a few highlights from the company's product line:

Upper Cylinder Injector Cleaner

  • designed to cut wear, carbon, and friction for both gasoline and diesel engines
  • can be used with carbureted or fuel-injected engines
  • doesn't contain solvents

Power Steering Stop Leak

  • seal conditioner that addresses maintenance problems with rack-and-pinion power steering units
  • compatible with all power steering fluids
  • cheaper than buying a new rack and pinion!

High Mileage Oil Stabilizer

  • pure-petroleum product that raises oil pressure and
  • helps combat the noise, blow-by, and oil consumption
  • helps maximize oil life while minimizing harmful emissions

High Mileage Fuel Treatment

  • breaks up intake valve and combustion chamber deposits
  • reduces knocking, a condition that can cause internal engine damage
  • leads to more complete fuel burn, which improves MPG and restores lost power
  • can also be used as preventative maintenance in newer engines

One of the most popular Lucas products is Lucas Fuel Treatment, an additive that goes straight in the tank (for gas or diesel engines) and is formulated with detergents and lubricants that clean and condition the entire fuel system. Additionally, Lucas Fuel Treatment prevents damage to valves and valve seats in classic vehicles designed to run on leaded fuel.

Lucas Fuel Treatment contains lubricants that help keep the upper cylinder, piston rings, and valves in shape, as well as compounds that cut through carbon deposits on valves and the piston crown. For diesel engines, Lucas Fuel Treatment can compensate for low-sulfur diesel fuel and cut emissions. The end result is a smoother-running engine and better fuel economy.

Last updated August 5, 2019