Lithium Car Battery

What Are the Benefits of a Lithium Car Battery?

Lithium batteries are an attractive option to some drivers because they have a reputation for lasting longer than lead-acid batteries. They're also lightweight and are generally a durable design. And, as with many new technologies, prices are starting to come down.  

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What Is a Lithium Battery?

Let’s take a look at what a lithium car battery actually is. These batteries are not to be confused with lithium-ion batteries designed for powering electric vehicles. Aside from the fact that their construction is different and that they are far more powerful, those batteries are also more expensive. Nevertheless, the lithium-based technology is something both batteries have in common, as a practical and more efficient alternative to common lead-acid designs. Lithium batteries – also known as lithium-metal batteries – are batteries that have lithium as their anode, as opposed to zinc. Lithium cells are associated with a higher charge density, and can produce higher voltage than typical zinc-carbon or alkaline batteries. Also, as all types of car batteries, lithium batteries are disposable, so their technology is distinctly different from that of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in every sense.

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Are They Superior to Classic Lead-Acid Batteries?

The short answer is yes... sort of. There are clear benefits to lithium batteries. However, although their prices are starting to come down with time, these batteries are still far outside of many car owners' budgets. With that in mind, Advance Auto Parts has some great alternatives that will fit any budget. 

Affordable, Reliable Alternatives to Lithium Batteries

Many drivers would agree that they need a reliable, durable battery. DieHard has been delivering on that expectation for generations. Every DieHard battery is backed by warranty, with the DieHard Platinum boasting a staggering four-year warranty. Now available at Advance Auto Parts, DieHard has a lineup that meets virtually every vehicle's needs and every driver's budget. 

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*Car battery testing and installation available on most automotive vehicles, at most locations, unless prohibited by law.

Last updated March 22, 2021