4 Ways for Uber Drivers to Save Money

Want to make some money while logging all those miles you drive? You're not alone, as there are an estimated 1 million Uber drivers in the United States. If you're looking to join them, you should know that their vehicles see a lot of miles, so maintenance costs are higher than average. Here's how you can maintain reliability, keep working behind the wheel, and save some money.

Source | Victor Xok

Save some gas

Fuel is an expected increased cost, as you're burning cash even when idling, waiting on the next fare. Fortunately, there are several ways to maximize your gas mileage. There's obvious steps like checking for proper tire pressure, but also less-obvious tips like using synthetic oil and checking on your air filter. Use traffic apps like Waze to avoid rush hour crawls for maximum gas mileage and higher ratings from happier riders.

Preventative maintenance

The website Glassdoor says that Uber drivers average $13 to $16 per hour. But it's exactly $0 per hour when their cars are in the shop. Your vehicle is how you make money through ridesharing apps, so you need it to be reliable. More miles, more often, means an accelerated maintenance schedule. Keep track of your mileage and go through the recommended maintenance schedule according to miles driven, not by how many months have passed. Remember the cabin air filter as part of the maintenance routine. It can remove odors and allergens from the air, making for a more pleasant ride. Check the tread depth on your tires regularly. Old tires get loud and harsher riding, plus they lose grip as the tread fades. When buying new tires, go ahead and get the extra warranty.

Detailing for stars

If a filthy ride pulls up, do you want to jump in? Don't discount the first impression a vehicle makes on a reviewer. A pristine vehicle will earn a higher rating from riders than a filthy one. A clean outside matters, but even your grandma will leave a one-star review if your interior is messy. A regular interior detailing regimen on the upholstery will go a long way toward making your ride seem brand new for years to come. This is huge, since the inside of the vehicle is where your passengers with spend most of their time with you.

Stack your savings

When it's time to buy brake pads or tie rods, head to Advance and use the Uber Visa Card. Advance is the exclusive aftermarket auto parts supplier for this Visa, and it delivers a solid 10% cash back for in-store and online purchases at Advance, up to $1,000 per month. This cash-back bonus can stack with other discounts, like the current 15% online discount code, saving you even more. There are other perks, too, like 4% cash back on dining, including UberEATS. Then, for a totally legal way to triple your savings, sign up for Speed Perks. Members receive additional rewards that further reduce the cost of their automotive supplies.

Following the above guidance should keep your ride and your wallet happy. Ever driven for a rideshare service? Let us know your tips and advice in the comments below.

Last updated July 6, 2018