Do It All For Fall: Four Projects With New Money-Saving Offers

Autumn has arrived! As summer fades in the rear-view and we settle into our fall routines, it’s time to make sure your vehicle is ready for the road ahead: Less daylight, stormier weather, and cooler temperatures.

Among the to-dos to put on your fall inspection checklist we recommend you check:

It’s a list that you can tackle with confidence as all the above are beginner-level projects. 

And we have more good news. From October 6 – November 9, 2022, Advance Auto Parts is offering new savings on fall essentials from names you know, including special offers on Valvoline oil change bundlesSylvania headlights, Prestone antifreeze, and DieHard Platinum AGM batteries. 


Motor oil is essential for and extends the life of the engine, which is why you should regularly check the oil level to see if it’s time for a top-off. Wondering if it is time for an oil change? It depends on what is recommended by the manufacturer, as well as vehicle age, type of oil you use and driving conditions.

When the time is right for an oil and filter change, to save money and time, Advance Auto Parts offers oil change bundles, which include 5 quarts of oil plus 1 oil filter for one low price. And right now, when you buy the Valvoline oil change bundle, you’ll get a FREE bottle of Sea Foam fuel treatment which helps your vehicle by cleaning and lubricating your entire fuel system.

Items you need to change your oil are below, and you can tackle this beginner’s project following our step-by-step guide: How To Change Your Motor Oil. And don’t forget, you can dispose of your old motor oil by bringing it to your local Advance Auto Parts store for recycling.


Valvoline oil change bundle

This includes 5 quarts of oil + 1 oil filter. Check the vehicle user’s manual for the right amount. 

Oil drain pan Shop towels 
Oil filter wrench Wrench for drain plug (size varies by vehicle) Safety glasses 
Oil drain plug gasket or crush washer  Funnel Gloves


Now that it's fall, driving at night is a different ballgame. When 6 p.m. rolls around and it’s time to leave work or school or pick up some takeout for dinner, you may be driving in total darkness.

Don’t get caught off guard by a burned-out headlight.

If it’s time for a change, right now you can get a $15 Advance Auto Parts gift card by mail when you purchase Sylvania SilverStar ULTRA headlight bulbs at Advance Auto Parts.

Wondering what headlight bulb will fit your vehicle? You can easily look it up using the Add a Vehicle tool on our website or ask an Advance Auto Parts Team Member at your local store to match it for you. In addition to gloves, the items you’ll need to change your headlights are found below. You can complete this beginner DIY project by following our step-by-step guide: How To Change Your Headlights.


Sylvania Silverstar ULTRA headlight bulbs

Basic hand tools (varies by vehicle) 



What does coolant do? Vehicles with an internal combustion engine need coolant, also called antifreeze, to regulate the engine's temperature and protect the radiator and entire cooling system from corrosion. Check the levels when the engine is cool and top off when necessary.


If it’s time for a change, you'll need to flush the radiator and replace the antifreeze. Luckily, this is a snap. Plus, right now you’ll get a $5 Advance Auto Parts gift card by mail when you buy Prestone Platinum 50/50 or full-strength antifreeze.

The items you need to change your antifreeze are found below, and you can perform this beginner DIY project following our step-by-step guide: How to Flush a Radiator and Change the Coolant.



Prestone Platinum 50/50 or full-strength antifreeze

Screwdriver or wrench (depending on drain plug) 

Garden hose and water source

Radiator flush product


4+ gallon drain pan

Distilled water (Only needed if you use full strength. Not needed for 50/50 coolant.)

Antifreeze tester

Safety glasses




When the weather gets colder, a vehicle requires more energy to start, putting a greater drain on the battery. If it is old or worn out, it may not provide the voltage your vehicle needs.

When should you replace your car battery? Follow this rule of thumb: If the battery is more than three years old, it’s likely time to replace it. Of course, you can always test it if you sense it just isn’t performing as it should—something we can help you do with our Free Battery Testing service.

Let’s say you performed the check and discovered it’s time to replace the battery. Here are a few of your options:


The DieHard Battery that’s right for your vehicle

Shop towel

Socket set

Post grease

Safety gloves

Work light

Wire brush

Safety glasses

Anti-corrosion washers


Battery carrier (optional)



As you change your usual coffee order from iced to hot, and bring an extra jacket wherever you go, make a point to stop by your local Advance Auto Parts to get everything you need for fall car care. From vehicle essentials to essential advice, we are here to help you with your DIY projects, large and small. We look forward to seeing you soon.  

Last updated November 7, 2022