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Where to Get the Best Marine Battery on the Market

It’s important to understand that the best marine battery available on the market has very different benefits and design features, when compared to the best car batteries. The difference between these two types of batteries has to be understood, if you want to find a battery for your boat or RV. Few batteries on the market come close to the performance level and reliability of a DieHard Marine Battery, available at Advance Auto Parts. 

The Difference Between a Car and Marine Battery

Before even starting to look for the best marine battery, you have to understand what a marine battery is all about and how it differs from conventional, high cranking car batteries. While the latter are basically used to crank up the engine, after which they more or less sit in the car and benefit from the alternator’s power – aside from their minor power supply tasks, such as powering the AC or the sound system – a marine battery has to behave very differently. Not only does it have to offer high cranking amps to start up your boat’s engine, but it also has to have significantly more slow discharge power, in order to successfully supply energy not only for lights and sound systems, but for lighting and any important equipment required to ensure the safety of the crew during travel.

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What to Look for in the Best Marine Batteries

On your path to finding the best marine battery for your boat, you have to consider three essential factors according to which marine batteries are rated for efficiency and performance. The first and most important is the marine cranking amp (MCA) rating, which is essentially the same as the CCA rating in cars, except that it’s tested at a temperature of 32 F. This is to ensure your boat will perform well in cold temperatures. Two other factors are reserve capacity (RC) and the amp hour (Ah) rating, which measures the current drained from the battery at 80 F degrees, while sustaining a voltage of 10.5V for a period of 20 hours.

Introducing the Best Boat Battery Out There

The DieHard Marine Gel battery is currently considered to be the best marine battery on the market. Like all DieHard deep cycle batteries, this one is designed to supply the high energy demands of a boat, and is capable of powering GPS systems, radios, trolling motors, lighting systems and many other important equipment. The battery has a faster recharge rate than most of its competitors, which makes it a much safer choice for frequent boat rides. Popular battery accessories: AutoCraft Booster Cables 12'.

Why Choose the DieHard Marine Gel Battery?

The DieHard battery is rated at an impressive 780 CA and its MCA rating is very close. It was also rated at 550 CCA, which means you can even use it to take out your boat in freezing weather. Unlike most marine and RV batteries, this one is designed especially for boats, and its RC rating of 180 is quite superior when compared to most deep cycle batteries. If you ask most experts, they can tell you the DieHard Marine Gel battery is the best marine battery for many possible uses, as well as a highly reliable model that won’t let you down when faced with trying conditions.

Last updated July 3, 2020