Basics of ASE Certification

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When you need auto repair advice, you may have been told to consult with someone with ASE certification — and that’s a great suggestion. Here, you'll find more information about what ASE certifications really mean for you.

ASE is an abbreviation for the independent non-profit agency National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. The agency focuses on improving the level of vehicle repair and service quality by testing and certifying professionals. Each ASE test focuses on practical skills; about 1/3 of test takers do not pass on the first round, which is a testament to the depth of the tests.

Once an automotive professional does pass a test (there are 40 tests available, grouped by specialties) and shows proof of two years of relevant work experience, then they can be certified. Tests must be retaken every five years to maintain certification. Those who receive certification can wear and display the blue-and-white ASE logo. This demonstrates their knowledge of and commitment to the auto repair industry.

Let’s face it: vehicle systems are becoming increasingly more advanced and auto technology is constantly changing and improving. When you stop by an auto parts store, it may not be immediately obvious which parts and tools you need to get the job done right. When you need guidance, you’ll want to ask someone knowledgeable in the latest car technology news. Most Advance Auto Parts stores have ASE Certified Team Members ready to help you choose the best parts for your project and talk you through the repair process.

So get started on that new project with confidence. Find the Advance Auto Parts store closest to you and check out the many videos and articles available on our site to help you prepare for the repair you’re about to take on.

Last updated March 17, 2021