Side Window Deflectors

Have you ever wished there was a way to keep road grit or rain out of your truck's cab when you've got the windows down? That's what side window deflectors are for.

A side window deflector, aka rain guard or vent shield, attaches to the top of the door frame and actually serves several purposes. It helps evacuate hot air out of your truck's cab when the windows are cracked, directs air flow away from the windows so you don't get a constant blast of wind, and helps keep sand and grit out of the truck cab as well.

All in all, it just adds up to a more enjoyable driving experience as you head down the highway with the windows down and radio up. No tangled hair, no drowned-out music, and better circulation of air through your truck cab.

Side window deflectors are engineered to enhance air circulation for your specific make and model and are easy to install with heavy-duty, double-stick automotive adhesive tape—no drilling, no screws, no damage to your truck's finish. They don't disrupt airflow around the cab and, of course, they look pretty sharp, too.

Are you thinking about getting a set of side window deflectors for your truck? Head to our website and find one for your make and model from top brands like WeatherTech, Stampede and Auto Ventshade.

Side window deflectors are easy to install! Watch Chris Fix install them on his truck in this video:

Last updated July 25, 2018