Hood protector

Your truck isn't just a set of wheels to get you around — it's an investment, and you want to protect that investment. A hood protector, also known as a bug shield or bug deflector, is perfect to defend your truck's finish against bugs, stones and debris from the road.

Hood protectors are molded from flexible plastic and are designed to complement the lines of your truck's hood and fenders without disrupting the air flow around the vehicle's front end or creating excessive drag. Unlike the "bug deflectors" of the past that were just a simple plate of Plexiglas, modern hood protectors are designed with aerodynamics in mind — as well as durability and looks.

Most hood protectors are one-piece, though some may be three-piece designs to accommodate the contours of a truck or SUV's front end. At Advance Auto Parts, we've got hood protectors from Lund, WeatherTech, Stampede, AVS and many other top brands — check out our selection and find the right one for your truck and your wallet!

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Last updated October 30, 2018