How To Jump A Car Battery Without Another Car

How To Jump a Car Battery Without Another Car

How to Jump a Car Battery without Another Car and Be Free to Drive Comfortably

If you don’t want to stress yourself out about your car battery all the time, it’s important to know how to jump a car battery without another car. Being able to jump start your car this way can save you a lot of trouble, allowing you to save time, avoid the hassle of having to call a friend or family member (or relying on the kindness of a stranger) to get you out of trouble, and making it easier than ever to restore your battery to its regular charge. Which battery is right for your vehcile.

The Typical Car Battery Jump Start Process

Before taking a look at how to jump a car battery without another car, it’s important to know as much as possible about the original process – jump starting your car with the help of another car or vehicle. The action required is simple and straightforward. You have to find someone who has a car with a healthy car battery, connect the two batteries’ terminals using the jumper cables, and use the good one to charge the depleted one until your car’s engine starts. Once you got it started, you can simply use your car’s alternator to bring the battery back to full charge.

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Push Starting the Car

Of course, it stands to reason that you might not be able to find someone who has the time, willingness and a good car to help you out with. So, if you’re on your own, you have to figure out how to jump a car battery without another car. Push starting is the simplest method. It involves pushing/pulling the car until it gains a little momentum. What you have to do is set the ignition key to the On position, set the car into 2nd gear, get someone to push the car until it picks up a little speed, then release the clutch pedal; at that point, the transmission will turn the engine over enough for it to start. This method usually works, however, it’s important to point out that it can only be effective in vehicles that have a manual transmission.

Get a New Battery Pack

Although depending on the type of battery you have, it might be more affordable to buy a new one, another option is to use a battery pack. A jump start battery pack is true to its name, being capable of using its added energy to jump start your vehicle when you need it the most. You can simply use your cables to clamp it on just like you would in the classic jump start approach, then you’ll find your car might actually start after only a very short time being connected to the battery pack. These battery packs (or “jump boxes”) have improved greatly in the last couple of decades and have also come down in price quite a bit. Popular battery accessories: AutoCraft Booster Cables 12'.

The Benefits of Jumping a Car Battery without Another Car

Naturally, jumping your car without the help of another car can be extremely convenient. Even with the push starting method you are a lot more independent than before, and you can easily take measures to eliminate any potential problem regarding the inherent instability of the process. Also, jump starting without another car will present you with the unique opportunity of restarting your car wherever you have to and saving a lot of time in the process. So, as you can see, knowing how to jump a car battery without another car can be really helpful in terms of convenience and comfort.

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Last updated June 6, 2018