How to Install A Car Battery

How to Install a Car Battery Advance Auto

How to Install a Car Battery at Home Safely and Efficiently

Are you trying to figure out how to install car battery fasteners and connectors to make sure your new battery is up and running just as it needs to be? While removing the old battery can be a challenge in and of itself, there are many essential considerations associated with the new battery installation process that you will need to keep close track of. The installation process will be straightforward, but cleaning the connectors and the tray, remembering all the details regarding the replacement process, and making sure you spray the terminals at the end will all be highly crucial to your success. Which battery is right for your vehcile.

Preparation Requirements Before Installing the New Battery

Before you try to find out how to install car battery in your garage or near your home, make sure everything in your car is turned off and your work area is clear of any open flames or flammable substances, then finally identify and locate your car battery under the hood. After carefully removing it by disconnecting the negative cable first and then taking all the screws out and unfastening the clamps, you will be almost ready to start installing your new battery. Usually the battery is held down with a single hold-down bracket across the top. An essential step, however, is to check whether the tray has any rust or other deposits on it. If so, clean it using baking soda and a brush, but make sure you are wearing gloves, since the deposits can be highly corrosive.

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Placing the New Car Battery Into the Tray

The question of how to install car battery units safely and efficiently should be addressed by first considering the position of the battery. First, make sure you align the battery correctly, then lifting it above the tray area, lower it slowly onto the tray. After fastening all the devices that hold it in place, give the battery a wiggle to make sure it’s secure.

How Do You Connect Your New Battery?

Once the battery is secured in the tray, you may think that the process of how to install car battery components might seem simple, but getting everything connected safely can be a challenge. Unless you own a pre-1965 Ford, your vehicle will have negative ground, so connect the positive cable first, tightly securing the clamp with your wrench. Repeat the process for the negative cable as well. Popular battery accessories: AutoCraft Booster Cables 12'.

The Importance of Spraying the Terminals of Your Car Battery

Whether you want to know how to install car battery clamps that will withstand the test of time, or you just want to use your old clamps, spraying the terminals with battery lithium grease is essential in order to prevent corrosion in the long run. The grease has to be applied after the clamps are already fastened and tightened. Its role is to create a layer of grease between the conductive surfaces, so that they are adequately protected from corrosion. For maximum efficiency, make sure you use white lithium grease, which will guarantee efficiency without interfering with the electrical connection. In a pinch, Vaseline petroleum jelly is also good to head off problems with corrosion.

Final Recommendations After the Installation Process

Once the process is finished, it is safe to close the hood and start your car. Check to see if all the electronics are working properly, and remove any battery memory savers you may have set up to save radio memory. The battery is a really environmentally-hazardous piece of equipment, so make sure it’s disposed of properly. Some old batteries can be disposed of safely at recycling centers, but others can even be turned into new batteries, helping to avoid wasting valuable resources. If these steps seem too difficult, you haven’t had much experience in practicing how to install car battery components, or you feel the process might present too great a challenge, it’s always best to contact a professional mechanic instead of risking it yourself.

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Last updated June 6, 2018