Chris Fix: Restoring Headlights

Have you noticed that you're having a harder time seeing at night? Maybe, you think, you have a headlight out. In reality, it's cloudy, foggy, dirty headlights causing your lack of vision. Here, Chris Fix shows you how to restore those headlights with Meguiar's Heavy Duty Restoration Kit saving you money and time, rather than buying and installing a new headlight lamp assembly.

Here is a photo of Chris Fix's headlight before using the restoration kit:


Here is a photo taken after Chris Fix used the Meguiar's Headlight Restoration Kit.


Click here for more information on Meguiar's Headlight Restoration Kit.

Chris Fix is a jack of all car trades, with expertise in fixing and installing many automotive parts. His YouTube channel attracts millions of DIYers who are interested in simple fixes and restorations all the way up to the expert-level repairs that many people would take their cars in to a shop for.

Stay tuned for more helpful car tips from Chris Fix and Advance Auto Parts.

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Last updated December 11, 2018