Are Car Batteries Universal

Are Car Batteries Universal

Getting to Know Your Vehicle’s Main Requirements: Are Car Batteries Universal?

The question, “are car batteries universal” has been asked many times especially by new car owners who don’t have much experience with replacing or tending to car batteries. It’s just common sense that a pickup truck with a big V8 or diesel engine would require a bigger battery than a 4-cylinder car, but there’s more to the question than that. Just like the tiny battery designed to fit into your watch, car batteries may all supply a standard 12V voltage, but other details such as amperage and CCA are also important when deciding to buy a brand new car battery. Learn which battery is right for your vehicle.

The Importance of Car Battery Types

There are dozens of different types of car batteries out there, and not all of them are suited as replacements for your old one. This is essential because of the diversity of the car market. There are larger and smaller vehicles, each with its own set of demands, and even a battery that looks identical to your own might be wholly unsuited to what your car requires. Choosing the right size and type of battery is, therefore, extremely important, since it will ensure that your car’s electric system is left undamaged, that the battery’s lifespan can be maximized, and that you can easily install or replace the battery without worrying about its specific dimensions.

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Why Consider the Size of a Car Battery?

In the case of some larger cars, pickup trucks and SUVs, the physical size of the battery might be larger than the car battery that would fit into the battery tray of a small coupe. The standard regarding battery sizes is in place to help prevent any confusion and make sure you can install your battery without difficulty. While some might consider replacing a larger battery with a smaller one, or investing in advanced technology to purchase a lighter, but equally efficient battery, this isn’t always the most practical solution long term. Some adaptability may be possible on a case by case basis, but car batteries are certainly not universal.

Are All Car Batteries Compatible with Each Other?

Batteries that have the same designation can be used interchangeably, even if they are primarily designed for a different vehicle altogether. Common, universal industry-standard designations for group sizes such as H6 or 21R are meant to categorize specific types and sizes of car batteries that can be used as replacements for each other. In most circumstances, an appropriate CCA value and the right car battery size group will be the only pieces of information you need in order to get your new car battery. So, are car batteries universal? The clearest answer is, they can be compatible within their own size group. Popular battery accessories: AutoCraft Booster Cables 12'.

How to Choose the Right Battery Size for Your Car

General Motors cars typically require a size 75, while many Japanese manufacturers will go well together with a size 35 car battery. When deciding on the specific battery to buy, however, you will need some more information, including the brand, reserve capacity and cold cranking amps of the replacement battery. Since there can be differences even between batteries belonging to the same size groups, it’s usually best not to take any chances. So, if you’re wondering “are car batteries universal?” simply taking a glance at an online size chart will show you that this is not the case. Your safest bet will always be to get the battery that is manufacturer-recommended OEM-specification for your vehicle and engine size.

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Last updated July 2, 2020