Car Battery Replacement

DieHard platinum battery

Finding the best car battery for your replacement doesn't have to be difficult. There are a lot of different car batteries out there, so it's important to know what you should look for in a battery and how to choose one within your budget range. Not all car batteries are created equal, but you can get the perfect battery for your vehicle as long as you know what to look for in terms of technology and specific qualities like CCA, reserve capacity and minimum and maximum operating temperatures. Learn which battery is right for your vehicle.


Before finding a car battery replacement, you should check to see if your current battery needs replacing at all. What seems like a dead battery could be the result of a bad alternator or even corrosion on the battery posts. If you've eliminated other causes of a no-start condition, use a charger or portable jump starter to get your vehicle running again. If your battery design allows access to the cells, you could even try topping off the water levels. If you want fast and free battery testing and installation*, head over to your local Advance Auto Parts store. We can take care of it for you in the parking lot.


The main question when it comes to finding a viable car battery replacement is this: do you choose a classic lead-acid battery or switch to the more expensive type with superior lithium-based technology? When it comes to charging and discharging, lithium batteries feature a near 100 percent efficiency, while lead-acid batteries lose about 15 amps when you charge them. Add that to the superior lifespan of lithium batteries, and you'll find that they may be your best car battery replacement option (as long as you don't mind paying a little more).

A lithium battery like the DieHard Platinum AGM battery is best for vehicles with more sophisticated electronics and smart-start tech or for hybrids that have the battery located in the trunk or under the seat. However, the less expensive DieHard lead-acid option is still a superior battery with reliable starting power.

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How much are you willing to spend on a new battery? If your finances aren't pressing you, and you can spare at least $100 to $150 for your car battery, looking up a superior quality lithium battery is the best way to go. Plus, choosing the right brand is important. Before you make your pick, consider several of the most popular brands in the industry. What do buyers think of their products? Do they truly offer the level of quality they advertise? And more importantly, do they supply batteries with the CCA rating, size and life expectancy you need at an affordable cost?

To get answers, go to your local Advance Auto Parts and talk with one of our knowledgable Team Members. They'll guide you to the best car battery that fits both your budget and your car's needs.

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*Car battery testing and installation available on most automotive vehicles, at most locations, unless prohibited by law.

Last updated March 22, 2021