Tools I Want for Christmas

No one EVER has trouble figuring out what to get me for Christmas. That's because one of my favorite places to spend time is working on, under, or around my vehicle in the garage, or preferably in the driveway when the weather is nice.

Whether you consider yourself a heavy or light DIYer – or somewhere in between – you're probably in agreement that there's always a new tool or gadget on your wish list. You know, that one thing that you didn't have on your last project that could have made it go easier.

This holiday season, my tool-wants aren't items I must have to finish any one project. They're the ones that make every job a little easier.

Magnetic Tray

magnetic tray

If Ralphie had one of these in the holiday movie classic A Christmas Story, he never would have watched in horror as the lug nuts went flying through the air and into the snow, lost forever. I have a similar problem with dropping or misplacing nuts, bolts, and other things while I'm working on something in the garage, house or yard. That's why I always keep a magnetic tray by my side because it helps me keep track of any small metal parts or tools I'm using, saving a lot of time and frustration. The good thing about a magnetic parts tray is that the magnet is strong enough that you can actually put it sideways on something and the parts will still stick. Having three or four of these trays is also an easy way to keep bolts sorted on larger jobs instead of bagging and labeling them.

Heavy-Duty, Adjustable Work Table

work table

Whether you're detailing the exterior or performing preventive maintenance under the hood, it seems like there is never a sturdy, flat surface within arm's length on which to set tools or parts. That's why I'm asking for a portable work table. The top tray provides that big flat surface I always need — with room to spare, measuring 29" x 20" — and it can hold a hefty 200-plus pounds, thanks in part to the wide, stable base. Table height is adjustable to better match where I'm working, it rolls easily on heavy-duty casters, and has rubber bumpers on all four corners to protect car doors and garage walls. Complete with tool holders and a one-inch deep drawer, this work table keeps everything I need close at hand, and saves me time because I no longer have to walk across the garage countless times during a project.

Three-Piece Universal Joint Set

universal joint set

Engine compartments in today's vehicles are packed tighter than ever, leaving virtually no room for working hands, let alone turning wrenches. Everyone knows there's a right tool for the job, and that it makes the work easier. Case in point – universal joint socket sets. These wobble sockets - in 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 drives - fit where other tools simply can'tallowing you to reach parts that are nearly inaccessible using standard tools. And when the job is done, the chrome finish wipes clean easily and resists corrosion.

Lisle Spill-Free Funnel

spill-free funnel

Refilling a cooling system seems like it should be a pretty straightforward and easy task, except it isn't. Trapped air pockets that can cause erratic cooling system and heater performance, angled or obscured radiator caps, and coolant spilling onto belts that then squeak annoyingly are some of the more common challenges. This spill-free funnel controls the amount of coolant entering the system, and saves time because it doesn't require me to stand there watching over it while the coolant refills. There are five adapters to fit most domestic and import cars, trucks and SUVs, a 45-degree elbow for angled radiator caps, and a five-inch extension for hard-to-reach caps hidden under shrouds or in fender wells. It also features an E adapter that's compatible with the surge tanks found on many Fords.

Microfiber Drying Towel

microfiber drying towel

Nothing makes me more satisfied than standing back and looking at a freshly washed vehicle. The metal gleams. Rubber is deep black and glossy. Sunlight dances off the windows. Early on in my driving career, I learned the hard way that the pride I felt after detailing my vehicle quickly turned to disappointment when I let water dry on its surface, resulting in unsightly spots everywhere. Now, I don't consider the job done until I use big, high-quality microfiber towels to dry the whole vehicle. While they're not technically a "tool," they are thick, absorbent, and produce a high-gloss shine. That makes me happy – much like finding any of these tools in my stocking or under the tree will, too, this holiday season.

What tools are you hoping for this holiday season? Let us know in the comments.

Last updated November 26, 2019