MTV Pimp My Ride Van Rebuild

In December of 2019 Freddy Hernandez of YouTube Channel TAVARISH bought an $850 van off of Craigslist. It wasn't just any van, though. It was an outrageously stylish pink and purple van, complete with TV monitors and a bead making station, that once rose to fame on MTV's very own Pimp My Ride show.

In this fun series, Freddy fixes up the van with all of the parts purchased at his local Advance Auto Parts store in Florida. Grab your popcorn and get ready for a mini-YouTube binge.

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Giving My Friend A "Pimp My Ride" Minivan For Christmas (SERIES FINALE)

In the series, finally Freddy kindly gifts his new ride to his friend Tyler. Tyler is about to have a child and a minivan is generally considered practical by expecting parents. Sadly, the curved bench seat in the back of the van isn't car seat-safe for the littles, so the van now resides in a museum: The Midwest Dream Car Collection, in Kansas. The next time you stop through Manhattan...Kansas, let us know how it's doing!

Congrats to Freddy for becoming the first YouTube automotive enthusiast to reach #1 Trending on YouTube (with the second video of this series)! Advance Auto Parts was proud to sponsor this fun series.

Do you have some car rebuilds that you would like to see? Do you own or know someone who owns an old MTV Pimp My Ride vehicle? Share some feedback!

Last updated March 10, 2020