Fiestas, Fiats and Fun at the LA Auto Show!

The LA Auto Show is officially open to the general public and Advance Auto Parts is there! The latest buzz centers on a couple of smaller vehicles—the Ford Fiesta and Fiat 500L. The Fiesta is green in every way. This svelte little number gets 40 mpg on the highway with its sturdy little 1.6L engine. It also handles like a dream, making it a drifting dynamo, if you're so inclined. Check out this little hottie here...envious yet?

LA Auto Show

Following in Mini's footsteps, Fiat debuted its first four-door, the 500L. Its extra 26 inches in length will be driven by a sweet 160 hp 1.4L turbo engine. (Yeah, we're salivating, too.) Expect to see it in showrooms mid-2013. While it may be oh, so cute on the outside, this little demon packs a serious punch...

LA Auto Show

Editor's note: Keep an eye out on our DIY auto blog for more updates from the LA Auto Show. (And from the after-parties, if we ever get invited!) Also, check out Advance Auto Parts this weekend for some killer deals of our own. —JK

Last updated June 6, 2018