Advance Exclusive: Nurotag 2013

Nurotag 2013

This past Saturday, Advance Auto Parts was in Orlando for the newest stop of the Nurotag series. The Orlando, Florida car show drew owners from across the central part of the state and across the enthusiast spectrum to a 5-story parking garage at the University of Central Florida. Unlike many car shows, Nurotag is open to all makes and models, but is comprised mostly of modern USDM, JDM, Euro and exotic cars with just a few examples of American muscle showing this year. Registration for Nurotag 2013 took place online during the weeks leading up to the event. Vehicle roll-in started at 9am, with each vehicle being given a unique hashtag sticker that owners displayed on their windshields or stuck to their front license plate mounts. Judging for the event was conducted by attendees, with votes being cast on Instagram. In addition to cars, many Honda Ruckus owners showed up to display their customized, modified and frame extended mini bikes. Although opinions on the Ruckus are often divided, no one can argue with the creativity and dedication displayed by their owners.

Creative car customizing

Creativity is one of the most respected traits amongst owners. Although many owners share a passion for a particular make and model, their shared challenge is how to make their cars unique and to reflect their personalities. Scott Kepple from Identity Design brought a stand-out example of creative car customizing to the Orlando NRTG show with this R2-D2 themed Fiat 500. This car is vinyl wrapped to look like a battle version (that's not dirt, that's printed vinyl) of everyone's favorite droid. When asked where C-3PO and Chewbacca were, Scott said "3PO is coming. And as far as Chewie goes, well, there is brown velvet wrap now ..." The NRTG series will make 4 stops this year: 2 in Florida, one in Virginia and one in Illinois (Chicago area). The top 25 cars from each show will be invited back to a Miami, Florida car show (where the first event of the series is held) for the NRTG All Stars event. Be sure to check our car events calendar for dates and times as they are announced.

Advance Auto Parts

Did you attend NRTG Orlando? Let us know what your favorite cars were in the comments below! Editor's Note: If you're looking to trick out your ride, text "Spring" to 36898 for a hot deal now. Up to 5 messages per month; message & data rates may apply.  

Last updated June 6, 2018