Name That Part Revealed - Transmission Cooler Fitting

We're keeping it short and sweet this week, so everyone can return to their New Year's Day festivities! If you guessed this week's mystery part as a "Transmission Cooler Fitting," congratulations, you are correct!  And a big Happy New Year to everyone! You can check out this Transmission Cooler Fitting at Advance Auto Parts.
Transmission Cooler Fitting Transmission Cooler Fitting
    Show what you know by playing Name That Part at the Advance Auto Parts Facebook page every Monday. How it works: we post a shot of an auto part, and you submit your best guess for a chance to win the admiration of DIY'ers across the globe. Editor's note: New Year—new gear! It's time to start tackling all those projects you've been putting off. Advance can help—we've got great deals going on most all DIY essentials.  
Last updated June 6, 2018