Grille Protectors

The headlights, grille, and radiator are some of the most vulnerable parts of any vehicle, and they especially need to be protected if you ever find yourself taking that vehicle off-road. Grille guards, also known as brush guards and bull bars are so much more than just a dress-up accessory for your truck or SUV—they serve a practical purpose (and can help defend against the rigors of urban driving as well).

Source | Mark Skrobola/Flickr

Many grille guards come with pre-drilled holes or tabs for mounting off-road lighting setups, and some even come ready to mount a winch on the front of your truck. Depending on your truck and your preference, you can choose from polished chrome, stainless, or powder coat black finishes. Advance stocks designs that range from a simple push bar over the grille itself to full-width models that protect grille, headlights, turn signals, and bumper—some even feature a welded skid plate to protect the bottom of the radiator.

At Advance Auto Parts, you can choose from grille guards from top manufacturers like Bestop, Dee Zee, Aries and FX Products, all custom-engineered for your year, make, and model of truck, SUV, or Jeep. Whatever you drive, we're sure you'll find a grille guard that fits your vehicle, your preferences, and your budget!

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Last updated October 30, 2018