New Oil Filters: FRAM Force and Titanium

Oil filters have a hard job, trapping the carbon, metal shavings and other particulates that circulate through your motor oil. Without the oil filter, all those contaminants would build up in your oil pan, oil pump pickup screen and rotating assemblies like bearings and then you'd have a nice accumulation of sludge that would shorten engine life.

FRAM Force filter being installed

People tend to not think of the oil filter until it's time for an oil change, and then they don't really give a lot of thought to the brand and design of the filter... but not all oil filters are created equal.

That's where FRAM's Titanium® and Force® filters come in. Both filters have some great innovations you won't find with other filters.

  • TOTAL GRIP: Most of us have been there before, struggling to remove a greasy, slippery oil filter. They're hard to get a grip on, and a filter wrench doesn't always fit. The new FRAM Titanium® and Force® oil filters both feature a rough, grippy surface that's easy to grab, even when wearing gloves or when your hands are dirty. As if easy removal and installation aren't enough, these filters feature impressive new technology inside, too.
FRAM Force cutaway view
  • PRECISION RELIEF VALVE: The relief valve prevents oil starvation by letting oil bypass the filter when the filter restricts flow, or when oil is thicker due to cold temperatures. The Titanium® and Force® filters both feature an improved relief valve consisting of a precision coil spring and glass-fiber-reinforced nylon poppet for more precise operation, even in cold conditions.
  • IMPROVED MEDIA: The media inside the filter housing does the real work, trapping particles as small as a couple of microns and preventing them from making their way around in the oil.

FRAM Titanium®

The FRAM Titanium® filter uses a durable synthetic media blend that traps 99% of dirt and contaminants, and is specifically designed for the longer oil change intervals that go with synthetic motor oil. The media is contained in a metal screen frame for extra rigidity and resistance to pressure.

Exploded view of a FRAM Titanium filter

Titanium® filter media is contained in a metal screen frame for extra rigidity and resistance to pressure.

FRAM Force®

FRAM Force® filters offer a synthetic media blend with 20 percent more pleats. There are multiple benefits to this design, like increased dirt-trapping and dirt-holding capacities. And that means longer filter life and, of course, higher levels of protection for your engine.

FRAM Force exploded view

The Force® filter uses a synthetic media blend with 20 percent more pleats.

  • ANTI-DRAINBACK VALVE: One thing you don't want is for oil to drain back out of the filter when the engine is shut off. This requires the oil pump to fill the filter again as the oil pressurizes at startup and starving other engine parts for oil. The new, improved silicone anti-drainback valve in the FRAM Titanium® and Force® filters offers superior engine protection and three times the resistance to drainback, even with hot, low-viscosity oil.
  • FRAM POWERFLOW™ TECHNOLOGY: The FRAM Titanium® filter uses innovative, high-flow inlet holes that allow for higher controlled oil flow over the full media surface. This ensures optimal filtration performance.
FRAM Titanium filter

High-flow inlet holes allow for higher controlled oil flow over the full media surface.

  • GASKET: The gasket is as important as any other part of an oil filter, and the Titanium® and Force® filters both feature an advanced nitrile-blend gasket that maintains a positive seal regardless of temperature. It's specifically designed for longer service intervals and ease of removal when it's oil change time.

Most new vehicles are designed for synthetic engine oil, and often a low-viscosity oil that circulates more readily through the engine and requires less energy to pressurize it and keep it moving. The flip side of synthetic oil is the longer interval between changes, and you need an oil filter that's specifically designed for more time and mileage between changes. That's where the FRAM Titanium® and Force® filters shine. There really is a difference between oil filters, so why not do what's best for your engine?

Do you think about the brand of oil filter you use on your vehicle? Let us know in the comments.

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Last updated July 1, 2020