Summer Vehicle Maintenance (Index)

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Getting ready to embark on a summer road trip? You may be overwhelmed by all the advice out there. To that end, we've gathered a number of road-trip articles in one place to make your preparation as easy as the open road.

Testing a Car Battery

Find out if your car's battery is ready for a summer road trip.

Chris Fix: Get Your Car Road-Trip-Ready

Advance Auto Parts contributor Chris Fix runs through a quick list of things to check before heading out on a road trip.

How to Change Front and Rear Differential Fluid

Differential fluid is commonly called gear oil and is responsible for lubricating the gears in your vehicle's differential(s). This article walks you through the process of changing this fluid if it hasn't been changed in more than a year.

How to Replace an Air Filter

A new air filter can save you significantly on fuel costs on long road trips. This article shows you how to replace yours.

How to Use AC Pro

AC Pro is an easy-to-use air-conditioning-system sealant and recharge in one. If your car's AC is blowing hot air, you'll want to check out this article.

What Are the Signs You Need New Brakes?

Jerry Renshaw's article goes over the symptoms you should be aware of before hitting the road.

5 Tire Maintenance Tips for Summer Road Trips

After the brakes, your tires are your vehicle's second most important safety feature. This article helps you ensure they'll get you through that summer road trip.

How to Tune Up an Engine

A properly tuned engine will give you the best fuel economy for long road trips. This article walks you through a simple tune-up.

How to Get Your Vehicle Holiday-Road-Trip-Ready

Although aimed at those heading home for Thanksgiving, Leighann Carroll's article is chock-full of good tips for people getting ready for a road trip.

Why Do You Need to Flush Your Radiator?

Jordan Perch explains why a clean cooling system is good for your engine. He then gives an explanation of how to flush your cooling system.

How to Change an Oil Filter

The Advance Team explains how to change your oil prior to a summer road trip. One thing to keep in mind is that you should use an oil with a higher viscosity (20W50 versus 15W30, for example) for long summer road trips. The extra load your air conditioner puts on the engine can cause lower-viscosity oil to break down earlier.

Last updated May 31, 2019