How Much Does A Car Battery Cost

How Much Does A Car Battery Cost

How Much Does a car battery Cost and What Determines Its Specific Price? When you’re in the market for a new car battery, the question “how much does a car battery cost?” is among the most important ones, especially if you’re on a slightly lower budget. Fortunately, the price ranges available today are much wider and more diverse than they used to be, so making up your mind is no longer a big issue. The real problem is checking all your facts in advance and knowing enough about your vehicle and the battery it needs, in order to make an informed choice regarding quality and long term resilience. Which battery is right for your vehcile.

The Typical Cost of a Car Battery

Compared to other vehicle maintenance tasks, replacing your car battery is relatively inexpensive, but a good battery can still easily top $100. Experts estimate that the average price tag of a battery is between $60 and $120, and premium batteries are rated above this interval, with the least expensive ones cost maybe $75 apiece.

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What Factors Determine How Much Car Batteries Cost?

How much does a car battery cost, and what would lead to a higher or lower cost? Estimated lifespan is one of the major factors that determine the price of a car battery as well as the size of battery you actually need for your vehicle.. While most batteries are estimated to last up to 4 years, more expensive brands can even last more than 5-6 years before needing to be replaced. Moreover, size groups, the type of vehicle you drive and any special requirements such as increased resistance to cold and corrosion will weigh in when it comes to determining the overall cost. Lightweight batteries are also less expensive, since they reduce the load on your car, and the performance of lithium-ion versus lead-acid technologies also warrants a sizable price increase.

Types of Car Batteries and Their Specific Prices

The cheapest types of car batteries are traditional lead/acid batteries, which are typically rated at about $65 to $130 or so. Calcium-calcium batteries are only slightly more expensive, while the more advanced fluid regulation technology of valve-regulated lead-acid batteries will typically drive the price up to a maximum of $250. From there on, you only get the highest quality and best technology. How much does a car battery cost above the range of normal lead-acid batteries? The more durable, deep-cycle batteries will cost you at least $200, while the top-of-the-line lithium-ion battery has a starting price of $1,000. Popular battery accessories: AutoCraft Booster Cables 12'.

Newer vs. Older Cars and Batteries

If you have an older car, it stands to reason that you may not be hanging on to it for much longer and don't want to spend a lot of money on a battery, so a price that’s less than $100 is usually warranted. In addition, older vehicles don't require the current draw of newer, more sophisticated cars and put less demand on a battery. As a result, buying a new car will likely require a pricing range of $150 to $350 for a brand new battery. That isn’t necessarily just a result of the need for better technology, but for the greater amperage and CCA values demanded by modern standards. In most cases, if you ask “how much does a car battery cost in today’s market,” experts will refer to these prices, while also pointing out the possibility of buying cheaper or more expensive units, depending on the vehicle you own.

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Last updated June 6, 2018