Don't Be Scared of that Unfinished Project

With a snap in the air and black cats and Jack-O-Lanterns on people's porches, it can only mean one thing...Halloween is right around the corner. During this scary time of year, though, there's no reason to be spooked by those maintenance projects you might have been putting off for awhile. The folks at your local Advance Auto Parts store offer a whole slew of free services to give you a leg up on wrapping up that nerve-rattling project.


Check Engine Light scanning

If you dread seeing that dashboard light glaring at you, just come on down to Advance and we'll be happy to hook up a code reader to your vehicle and find out what's causing that unnerving light to stay on. Read more about what the check engine light means and a few common causes.

Windshield wiper installation

If you're tired of seeing streaks on the windshield and hearing your wipers scream like the undead, we'll be happy to not only check your wipers but we'll even install them for you on the spot. Browse our selection of wiper blades, and remember to select your vehicle for the exact fit. Now is the perfect time to pick up more washer fluid, too. Unless you live way down south, you'll be better off switching to a formula rated for cold winter weather.

Starting and Charging System Testing

  • Battery Testing and Installation

Nobody likes being stranded with a dead battery, especially on an eerie October night. We'll help you out by testing that old battery and installing a new one for you. When you purchase and have us install the best battery for your vehicle, remember to grab a terminal protection kit, too—it's a cheap way to protect and extend the life of your new battery. Read other useful tips to make your battery last.

  • Starter and Alternator Testing

Your battery won't do you any good if the alternator isn't supplying a charge to it, and your engine will be as dead as Bela Lugosi if the starter won't turn it over. Let us help! We'll test your starting and charging system in just a few minutes. Not sure what the difference is? Read more about starters and alternators.

Oil and Battery Recycling

Don't be the kind of monster who disposes of used motor oil improperly. We've got you covered when it comes to getting rid of nasty old oil or a dead battery. Get ready for your next oil and filter change now.

Loaner Tools

The biggest nightmare of all is buying a tool you'll only need once or twice! If your bad axle pops like skeleton bones when you turn, borrow our axle nut sockets and puller to get the job done. Is your drive belt screaming like a werewolf? Make that job quick and easy with our serpentine belt tool kit. Choose from our nine categories of loaner tools to get your ghastliest jobs done.

Whatever it is you've been putting off, stop by your local Advance to see how we can help.

Last updated October 21, 2019