Chris Fix: DIY Spark Plug Replacement

Are you having trouble starting your car? Has your car had a loss of power or loss of fuel economy? You may have a bad spark plug. Save money by doing this easy DIY job yourself—watch the video below to learn how.

In this ultimate Chris Fix video, Chris goes over the difference between copper, platinum, and iridium spark plugs, how to properly check and adjust spark plug gap, when and how to use anti-seize and dielectric grease, how to install spark plugs and wires, and other tips and tricks.

Chris Fix is a jack of all car trades, with expertise in fixing and installing many automotive parts. His YouTube channel—the No. 1 automotive DIY channel in the world—attracts millions of fans who are interested in simple fixes and restorations, all the way up to the expert-level repairs that many people would take their cars in to a shop for.

Stay tuned for more helpful car tips from Chris Fix and Advance Auto Parts.

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Last updated April 6, 2021